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The Message Black Eyed Peas Tried To Deliver Through #WHERESTHELOVE Single

The Black Eyed Peas (BEP) recently launched the new re-make of “#WHERESTHELOVE” in the first day of September 2016. Featuring The World, BEP tries to raise the world’s awareness to stop hate and violence. (more…)


Why Millennials in Indonesia Love Korean Boyband?

Korean wave (Korean: hallyu) has been going global. Not only in Asia, the Korean culture spreads in many countries in European and American continents. Specifically in Indonesia, the explosion of Korean popularity Indonesia cannot be separated from the success of Super Junior. My study found out that Super Junior fandom in Indonesia (ELF Ina) had acquired global recognition as one of the most loyal ELF around the world. The recognition came out after they had a chance to present their fan project in a concert in Singapore, 2011. ELF Ina collected amounts of money to buy pure gold medals, which they would give them to their idols in the concert. Why would they do that for their idols? (more…)