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Working as a Journalist, A Lesson from Sindonews

President University hosted Seputar Indonesia (Sindo) in the seminar called “Sindo Goes to Campus” that was held in Charles Himawan Auditorium, Cikarang (23/5). The seminar attended by Hanna Farhana, Managing Editor of Koran Sindo and Puguh Haryanto, Managing Editor of SindoNews. There were approximately 150 students came to the seminar. (more…)

‘Om Telolet Om’ Phenomenon Goes Viral

Indonesian Twitter users have been tweeting about the “Om Telolet Om” phenomenon almost non-stop for 12 hours. The telolet has become a national trending topic. The meme appeared on Facebook almost a month ago and what may seem like just another funny but meaningless local meme garnered international attention when professional DJs began to pick up on the Indonesian “telolet” meme with producer/DJ Zedd’s tweet Tuesday night. (more…)

Social Media Ads to Reach US$50bn in 2019

France-based advertising agency Zenith Optimedia projected that increasing internet speed and social media’s mobile expansions will cause social media advertising to surge in 2019. (more…)

How Police Uses Internet To Increase Security In Sukabumi, Indonesia

Slowly but sure, the use of internet has changed the way people work in the globe. In Indonesia, the benefit of internet is used by Police Department in Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia. The police developed an app called ‘Panic Button’ to help securing its society. How does it work? (more…)