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‘Om Telolet Om’ Phenomenon Goes Viral

Indonesian Twitter users have been tweeting about the “Om Telolet Om” phenomenon almost non-stop for 12 hours. The telolet has become a national trending topic. The meme appeared on Facebook almost a month ago and what may seem like just another funny but meaningless local meme garnered international attention when professional DJs began to pick up on the Indonesian “telolet” meme with producer/DJ Zedd’s tweet Tuesday night. (more…)

Phinisi Ship, The Icon of Bugis Tribe

Tanah Lemo village is the central of Phinisi ship production in Indonesia. It has been acknowledged by foreign countries in Europe and Africa. Located in Bonto Bahari, Bulukumba, South Sulawesi, the village can be reached by 5 hours driving from Makassar, the capital of South Sulawesi province. (more…)

How Indonesian Palm Oil Industry Use PR Strategy to Counter Environmental Issues

NGOs always believe that palm oil industry is behind the rare animal extinction and the forest-burning in Indonesia. But, a seminar jointly organized by Communication Studies and Internship & Career Center President University revealed what public did not know behind the conflict. (more…)

Thousand Books For Labansari

The village is located in the east of Cikarang, the largest industrial town in ASEAN. But, I can say the life there is not easy.

‘Gerakan 1000 Buku’ (1000 Books For Labansari) was the name of our program. An event planned and executed by my Public Relations students. The aim was to collect book donations, some amounts of money and also sponsors. Purposively to contribute in renovating the public library in Labansari village. The village is located in the east of Cikarang, the largest industrial town in ASEAN. But, I can say the life there is not easy. (more…)

How Indonesians Use Twitter: TwitterID Reports

Twitter is still a powerful social networking site in Indonesia. Four billion tweets tweeted from Indonesia in a year. 80 percent of it accessed video, Twitter Indonesia (ID) reported. (more…)

How Police Uses Internet To Increase Security In Sukabumi, Indonesia

Slowly but sure, the use of internet has changed the way people work in the globe. In Indonesia, the benefit of internet is used by Police Department in Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia. The police developed an app called ‘Panic Button’ to help securing its society. How does it work? (more…)

Why Millennials in Indonesia Love Korean Boyband?

Korean wave (Korean: hallyu) has been going global. Not only in Asia, the Korean culture spreads in many countries in European and American continents. Specifically in Indonesia, the explosion of Korean popularity Indonesia cannot be separated from the success of Super Junior. My study found out that Super Junior fandom in Indonesia (ELF Ina) had acquired global recognition as one of the most loyal ELF around the world. The recognition came out after they had a chance to present their fan project in a concert in Singapore, 2011. ELF Ina collected amounts of money to buy pure gold medals, which they would give them to their idols in the concert. Why would they do that for their idols? (more…)