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Working as a Journalist, A Lesson from Sindonews


Mohammad Shihab


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President University hosted Seputar Indonesia (Sindo) in the seminar called “Sindo Goes to Campus” that was held in Charles Himawan Auditorium, Cikarang (23/5). The seminar attended by Hanna Farhana, Managing Editor of Koran Sindo and Puguh Haryanto, Managing Editor of SindoNews. There were approximately 150 students came to the seminar.

The seminar which themed “Asyiknya Jadi Jurnalis” was opened by Dindin Dimyati, S.Sos., M.M, Head of Communications Study Programme and moderated by Mohammad Shihab, one of the lecturers of Communication Study Programme.

The first speaker, Hanna Farhana talked about the pros and cons of being a journalist. She explained by being a journalist, we get to see different people ranging from powerful to interesting people who do extraordinary things and could know something faster than other people. A journalist could get the opportunity to cover various events or go to many beautiful places for free. But aside from that, journalists must work on unstable hours which include weekends, public holidays. She added that journalist also needs to be well educated, quick to absorb information and mentally strong.

The second speaker, Puguh Hariyanto talked about how the online newsroom works. In the online newsroom, every day is deadline and journalists need to stand by for almost 24 hours in the office to receive information and process the news. An online journalist mostly writes on the spot and sends the material to the editor and shortly published after being reviewed. He also shared his experience of being a journalist to the audiences.

The event continued with coaching clinic on news writing technique by Yanto Kusdiantono. He gives an overview about journalism and type of news. He also explained the important aspects of how to write good and interesting news.

“I hope through this event, the students can get information directly from journalism practitioners and they can learn from them. They will get a bigger picture of what journalism is about and because most of the students born in the digital era, they are more familiar with online newspapers. Through this event, they were being reintroduced to conventional newspapers as a comparison to the online newspaper,” said Dindin.

This article was retrieved from President University Newsroom with original title “Sindo Goes to Campus: Journalist Lifestyle.”

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