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Ice Cream For Breakfast Improve Mental Performance


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Ice Cream For Breakfast Improve Mental Performance

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Ice cream is no longer a dessert you can enjoy in midday or in the evening. For you who want to improve mental health, consuming ice cream for breakfast may be an alternative option. A Japanese research suggests that eating ice cream in the morning can improve mental performance. The study laid down the possible benefits of eating ice cream for breakfast.

As reported by Councelheal.com, eating ice cream for breakfast significantly boosts a person’s mental health. The study was done by Yoshihiko Koga and his team from the Kyorin University. The researchers checked on the participants’ brain activity in regards to ice cream consumption, the Excite News reported.

The groups were divided into two teams. The first group was given ice cream right after waking up. The second group, on the other hand, were not given the cold treat.

Koga and his team were able to observe that those who were given ice cream for breakfast had better brain function compared to the control group.

The subjects who were given ice cream showed better reaction time and were more keen on information processing, as reported by the International Business Times.The researchers also explained that those who consumed ice cream in the morning had high-frequency alpha waves compared to those who did not.


Ice cream can improve your mental health (Photo: Pocha Cafe).


The same subjects are also said to have a higher level of alertness and lower levels of mental irritation.The researchers did another study using the same subjects for them to gauge if the cold was responsible for the brain activity.

The subjects from both groups were tested the second time. Instead of being given ice cream, they were given cold water to drink upon waking up.

The results of the second study revealed that the cold water test did increase the person’s mental alertness. The ice cream consumption, however, was significantly higher compared to water.

More research needs to be done in regards to the influence of ice cream in one’s mental health, the Telegraph reported. The researchers explained that they have not yet determined as to what specific ingredient is responsible for the high energy levels and positive emotions.

Source: Counselheal.com

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