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5 Suggestions You Have To Know Before Posting on Social Media


Mohammad Shihab


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Social networking sites are the channels you may use to express yourself. But, not everything in your mind should you share with the public through social media. Elite Daily suggests several things you need to pay attention before posting content on social media.

Make sure you are in a reliable state of mind to post content

You may be attracted to post a photo of your friends being silly or a status concerning traffic jam. Calm down. Being too emotional is not good for your health and also for your followers. If you feel that your emotion is a bit unstable, stay away from the internet. Calm yourself before you go online.

Is your content expressing your heart?

If you like expressing disappointment on social media, be aware. It may lead you to take-in more out of context. Instead, post a short and to-the-point status. Add a photo or an article to support your context.

Once you have posted, it’s there forever

You cannot retrieve what you have posted. Imagine if your social media contained all your complaints or silly posts, what will your boss think about you if she/he found out?

Your online profile represents your truly self

Because people like being remembered in positive ways, constructing self-image is vital in social media. Therefore, fulfill your social media with content relevant to your profile.

How many should you post everyday?

Don’t be too frequent. Posting photos or contents in a row will spam the timeline. Your follower will not like it. And, you may lose your followers because they think you just spam their timeline.
Source: Beritagar.id

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