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5 Public Speaking Habits Of Successful People


Mohammad Shihab


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Public speaking skills is a vital competence if you want to be successful. You may have mastered most components of the skill. But, sometimes you don’t know how to upgrade your skill level. You are not alone, even public speaking pros experience it.

Successful people will keep talking in front of public in professional way. Fortunately, you can also try their secret habits to upgrade your public speaking skills.

Here are the public speaking habits I learned from Marketing.co.id.

Focus on the audience

Many public speakers focuses on how they will appear on the stage. But, public speakers also have to pay more attention to the audience. Look at the message you want to convey to the audience. It will make your public talk more success.

Involve the audience

There are many ways to attract audience’s attention. But, the most powerful way is to engage with the audience. Ask questions, play relevant videos, or buy them prizes. Use it to catch their attention.

Transform texts into images

Try to avoid using bullets and texts on the slide. Make use of images or videos, which represent the ideas. It will help the audience to remember our message.

Use common words

Speaking in front of people is not like a scientific work. Avoid using specific terminologies, technical words, or other words that are difficult to understand. Make sure you use common words and let kids enjoy your talk too.

Hire a coach

The last habit that the public speaking pros do is hiring a coaching service. Public speaking coach will help you to improve your public speaking skills. Even professionals have their own coach to sharpen the skills.

Would you try?

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