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How Police Uses Internet To Increase Security In Sukabumi, Indonesia


Mohammad Shihab


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Slowly but sure, the use of internet has changed the way people work in the globe. In Indonesia, the benefit of internet is used by Police Department in Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia. The police developed an app called ‘Panic Button’ to help securing its society. How does it work?

Panic Button is an Android app developed by Crime Scene Unit of Police Department in Sukabumi. It is designed as a tool for the society to notify police if they found out criminals.

Recently, the app has helped police officers to fail car-stealing. Thanks to the app, the Police officers secured the car and the thiefs within two hours.

The Panic Button app works on Android devices. When the user ‘push’ the button, the app will alert all units of the police. The app also uses GPS to help the police to locate the crime scene. Then, the nearest officer will reach the location.

Sukabumi Police Department launched the Panic Button in July. The app is not available online. But, the society who wants to use it can come to the police office to install the app.


Source: Detikcom

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