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Why Millennials in Indonesia Love Korean Boyband?


Mohammad Shihab


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Korean wave (Korean: hallyu) has been going global. Not only in Asia, the Korean culture spreads in many countries in European and American continents. Specifically in Indonesia, the explosion of Korean popularity Indonesia cannot be separated from the success of Super Junior. My study found out that Super Junior fandom in Indonesia (ELF Ina) had acquired global recognition as one of the most loyal ELF around the world. The recognition came out after they had a chance to present their fan project in a concert in Singapore, 2011. ELF Ina collected amounts of money to buy pure gold medals, which they would give them to their idols in the concert. Why would they do that for their idols?

After several interviews with fans performed, I concluded that Super Junior had attractions that drew the fans affection. I cannot avoid admitting that Super Junior members are good in physical appearance. The informants shared that Super Junior had a great taste in fashion, in-stage and out-stage. The band members are aware of this attraction. Thus, they never missed to upload the outfit they are wearing.

Another reason that makes the fans so crazy was its greatness. Super Junior was the the first Korean boyband that had completed their tours in big countries around the world. They had produced at least 20 albums, included mini album and repackage album. My informants were impressed and proud of the popularity of their idols in the world.

Along with the high productivity and many concerts held around the world, ELF grows significantly in each country Super Junior had visited. ELF is known as its high loyalty to their idols. The fans keep up-to-date with the development of Super Junior’s stories. They also share information within the community, so they won’t lose any single information. These are the reasons why the fans are happy to be a part of Super Junior’s global fan community.

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