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Indonesian Teenager Becomes The Youngest University Students In Kanada


Mohammad Shihab


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In the age of 12, I was a student of junior high school. Meanwhile, Diki Suryaatmadja just starts his university life in Canada in the age of 12. He becomes the youngest student in his campus’s history.

Diki will start his study in this September.

“I feel excited, but a bit nervous about the transition in culture,” Suryaatmadja shared as reported by CTV News on 31 August. How Diki starts his study in younger age?

Diki Suryaatmadja (Photo: CTV News)

In Indonesia, Diki completed his primary educations through an acceleration program. It is a fast-track program through elementart and high schools in Indonesia. It finally brings Diki to be the Physics honour student in University of Waterloo.

Besides physics, Diki will also study chemistry, mathematics, and economy. He is impressed with Canada, the country he lives in during his study.

“This country has very nice people. They are very kind, reliable and polite,” he said.

Diki will stay with his family in Canada. The university will help him to adapt with university life. The university is planning to get him an academic adviser or to find him a senior student to be his mentor.

Moreover, a regular communication will also be established between the university and his parents. This is to ensure Diki is socially integrated and is gaining great experience.

The academic staffs have no doubt on his competences.

“He’s fully prepared academically. What we have to address is the fact that he is a 12-year-old boy.”

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